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2019 - Ongoing

One of the only «Exercise is Medicine» programmes that is linked to and accredited by the ACSM (The American College of Sports Medicine), where we teach students how to use exercise as a medical tool to enhance patients' recovery.

Through this module:

Students can build an indispensable professional network with physicians and other medical practitioners.

Graduates of this module can employ their skills to help the quality of life of patients with chronic illnesses and other complications.

Exercise is Medicine: Projects


Graduates can work in:

Medical Rehabilitation centers

Gyms (employed to work with vulnerable populations and for prevention)

Private clinics

Physiotherapy units

Haemodialysis centers

Exercise programmes suited for everyone

Exercise programmes in municipalities for the elderly

As Domestic Personal Trainers for people suffering with chronic conditions

Research centers

Exercise is Medicine: Text


The main goal of this programme is for students to gain the required knowledge and skills, to help chronic patient populations to navigate and manage exercising as a way to improve their health over a longer period of time. More specifically:

  • There will be an emphasis on how chronic conditions and bad health habits can affect the organs, systems, exercise and physical independence.

  • Analysis on condition-specific particularities (e.g. kidney failure, metabolic syndrome, etc. )

  • Focus on the benefits of exercise and analysis of the crucial parameters of prescribing exercise.

  • As well as the opportunity for supervised application of the former in clinical settings. Currently only done in hospitals and clinics.

Exercise is Medicine: Text


Through this module students will:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the patients' pathophysiology and of clinical ergophysiology

  • Gain an understanding of pharmacotherapy and its effects on the ability to exercise

  • Develop a familiarisation of clinical populations and their particularities

  • Evolve skills connected to understanding body language and techniques to communicate with medical professionals, patients and their families

  • And to have the opportunity to train in a newly established workshop for deep tissue and Hippocratic massage

Exercise is Medicine: Text


Autumn Semester

  •  Advanced Clinical Ergophysiology - 2 hrs/wk

  • Reinforcement of Healthy Habits in Populations with Health Conditions -2 hrs/wk

  •  Physical Evaluation of Clinical Populations Ι - 2 hrs/wk

  •  Introduction to Exercise Schemes for Chronic Patients (Clinical Practice) -2 hrs/wk

Winter Semester

  • Physical Evaluation of Clinical Populations ΙΙ -2 hrs/wk

  • Case Studies – 2 hrs/wk

  • Practise of Exercise Schemes on Special Populations - (Clinical Practise) - 2 hrs/wk

Exercise is Medicine: Text
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